19. jan, 2013

Spankox; Elvis Re:Born

Everness har sluppet en ny utgivelse med Spankox; Elvis Re:Born. Denne gangen har den italienske DJ’en remixet 10 nye Elvis-sanger, blant annet Return To Sender og Follow That Dream. Tilgjengelig som MP3 på iTunes fra 8. januar.

Everness has released a new album with Spankox; Elvis Re:Born. This time around the Italian DJ has remixed 10 new Elvis songs, among them Return To Sender and Follow That Dream. Available as MP3 files on iTunes on the January 8th. Click here to listen to a remix of all the songs.

Tracklist; 1. Gonna Get Back Home Somehow (Spankox Remix) – 2. Return To Sender (Spankox Remix) – 3. Good Luck Charm (Spankox Remix) – 4. Follow That Dream (Spankox Remix) – 5. Kiss Me Quick (Spankox Remix) – 6. She's Not You (Spankox Remix) – 7. Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello (Spankox Remix) – 8. I Love You Because (Spankox Remix) – 9. I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell (Spankox Remix) - 10. (Such an) Easy Question (Spankox Remix)


Source; Spankox on Facebook