28. aug, 2017

The Alternate Moody Blue

Hepcat Records has announced a new release; The Alternate Moody Blue. This bok-set contains a 10’’ Vinyl, a 45 rpm EP-vinyl and a CD. Available in both black and blue vinyl.

Hepcat Records har annonsert en ny utgivelse; The Alternate Moody Blue. Denne boksen inneholder en 10’’ vinyl, en 45 rpm EP-vinyl og en CD. Kommer i både sort og blå vinyl.

From the label; To mark the 40th anniversary of the album release of "Moody Blue" HEPCAT RECORDS releases: THE ALTERNATE MOODY BLU. The ultimate editon of Elvis' legendary last album is now available. This deluxe 10 inch boxset contains a 10 inch vinyl record + a 45 RPM EP & a fully packed cd. This is a very limited release so get it while you can. Available in black and blue vinyl.

Tracklist; 10’’ Vinyl - Side A; 01. HE’LL HAVE TO GO Undubbed Master (Vocal Overdub) 02. WAY DOWN Unedited, Undubbed Master (take 2c) 03. PLEDGING MY LOVE Unedited, Undubbed Master (take 6) – Side B; 01. MOODY BLUE Take 4 02. SHE THINKS I STILL CARE Take 14 03. IT’S EASY FOR YOU Take 1 04. LITTLE DARLIN’ Undubbed Master (Live 04-24-77)

45RPM EP - Side A; LET ME BE THERE - Side B; IF YOU LOVE ME LET ME KNOW (undubbed master) / UNCHAINED MELODY (undubbed master)

CD: 01. UNCHAINED MELODY Undubbed Master (Live 04-24-1977) 02. IF YOU LOVE ME (LET ME KNOW) Undubbed Master (Live 04-26-1977) 03. LITTLE DARLIN’ Undubbed Master (Live 04-24-1977) 04. HE’LL HAVE TO GO Undubbed Master (Vocal Overdub) 05. LET ME BE THERE Live 03-18-1974 06. WAY DOWN Unedited Undubbed Master (Take 2c) 07. PLEDGING MY LOVE Unedited Undubbed Master (Take 6) 08. MOODY BLUE Strings Overdubbed Master (Take 10) 09. SHE THINKS I STILL CARE Take 14 10. IT’S EASY FOR YOU Undubbed Master (Take 2) 11. WAY DOWN Unedited Overdub LP Master, diff. mix 12. MOODY BLUE Take 3 13. PLEDGING MY LOVE Take 3 14. WAY DOWN Take 2 & 2a 15. UNCHAINED MELODY Live 02-16-1977 16. MOODY BLUE Live 02-20-1977 (first live attempt) 17. MOODY BLUE Live 02-21-1977 (last live attempt) 18. IF YOU LOVE ME (LET ME KNOW) Live 04-24-1977 19. LET ME BE THERE Live 03-16-1974 20. UNCHAINED MELODY Live 02-20-1977 21. LITTLE DARLIN’ Live 10-20-1976 22. IF YOU LOVE ME (LET ME KNOW) Live 06-24-1977 23. UNCHAINED MELODY Live 06-21-1977

Source; elvis-collectors.com