16. okt, 2016

New 2CD/Book; Memphis Recording Service: The Complete Works 1953 - 1955

The MRS label has announced a new 2CD/Book set; Memphis Recording Service: The Complete Works 1953 - 1955. This set chronicles all Elvis’ recordings between 1953 and 1955. Due for release on November 25.

MRS har annonsert en ny 2CD/Bok; Memphis Recording Service: The Complete Works 1953 - 1955. Denne boksen dokumenterer alle innspillingene Elvis gjorde mellom fra 1953 til 1955. Denne slippes 25. november.

From the label; MRS will release a 2CD/100page book compilation titled ‘MEMPHIS RECORDING SERVICE: THE COMPLETE WORKS 1953 – 1955’ on the 25th November 2016. The 100-page book chronicles Elvis’ short recording career there, from its humble beginnings (his personal acetate recordings from July 1953 and January 1954) through to the final Sun sessions in 1955. The full and comprehensive text is complemented by rare photographs and unseen pieces of documentation. The 2CD’s contain the complete archival studio recordings from 1953- 1955:  Elvis’ personal acetates, the Sun masters, along with rare session outtakes. The tracks have been painstakingly remastered and restored. There are many highlights on this new release. All of the newly remastered tracks now sound much clearer and crisper. For instance, ‘That’s All Right’ has been taken from the ‘Mother’ master of the original Sun 45rpm. Also, for the first time on CD, ‘I Forgot to Remember to Forget’ appears without the false bass RCA added to it in the 1980s when tampering with the master tapes. The remastering of Elvis’ first acetate recordings – ‘My Happiness’ and ‘That’s When Your Heartaches Begin’ (from July 1953) – has also well exceeded the sound quality ever achieved before on these primitive recordings. Furthermore, on the outtakes of ‘Blue Moon’, the painstaking audio restoration has removed the overload and studio hum present on previous issues, and made them sound much better than ever before.  Indeed, all previous erroneous mastering faults and miscalculations have been rectified on this release, making it the best collection of these seminal recordings thus far.

Track list; CD1; 1.My Happiness (Acetate – Personal Recording), 2.That’s When Your Heartaches Begin (Acetate – Personal Recording), 3.Ill’ Never Stand in Your Way (Acetate – Personal Recording), 4.It Wouldn’t Be the Same Without You (Acetate – Personal Recording), 5.Harbor Lights (Take 3M), 6.I Love You Because , 7.That’s All Right (Sun 45rpm Master), 8.Blue Moon of Kentucky, 9.Blue Moon (Take 9M), 10.Tomorrow Night, 11.I’ll Never Let You Go, 12.I Don’t Care if the Sun Don’t Shine (Take 2FS Take 3M), 13.Just Because , 14.Good Rockin’ Tonight, 15.Milkcow Blues Boogie, 16.You’re a Heartbreaker, 17.I’m Left You’re Right She’s Gone (Take 5M Slow Version), 18.Baby Lets Play House, 19.I’m Left You’re Right She’s Gone, 20.I Forgot to Remember to Forget, 21.Mystery Train, 22.Trying to Get to You, 23.When It Rains It Really Pours - BONUS TRACKS; 1.Shake Rattle and Roll (Acetate–January 6th 1955 Radio Station KDVA Lubbock, TX), 2.Fool, Fool, Fool (Acetate–January 6th 1955 Radio Station KDVA Lubbock, TX), 3.Shake Rattle and Roll Acetate (January 19th 1955 Radio Station WJOI Florence, AL), 4.Mystery Train (HMV 78RPM)

CD2 - OUTTAKES & SESSIONS; 1.Harbor Lights (Takes 1FS & 2FS & 4), 2.Harbor Lights (Takes 5FS & 6FS & 7 & 8END), 3.I Love You Because (Takes 1FS & 2), 4.I Love You Because (Take 3), 5.I Love You Because (Takes 4FS & 5), 6.That’s All Right (Takes 1-3), 7.Blue Moon of Kentucky (Outtake Part -Slow Tempo Version), 8.Blue Moon (Takes 1FS & 2FS & 3FS & 4), 9.Blue Moon (Take 5), 10.Blue Moon (Takes 6FS & 7FS & 8), 11.I’ll Never Let You Go (Alternate Incomplete Take), 12.I Don’t Care if the Sun Don’t Shine (Mack David), 13.I’m Left You’re Right She’s Gone (Take 1), 14.I’m Left You’re Right She’s Gone (Take 2), 15.I’m Left You’re Right She’s Gone (Takes 3 & 4FS), 16.I’m Left You’re Right She’s Gone (Takes 6 & 7END), 17.When It Rains It Really Pours (Takes 1END & 2REH), 18.When It Rains It Really Pours (Takes 3FS & 4FS), 19.When It Rains It Really Pours (Takes 6FS, 7FS & 8LFS), 20.How Do You Think I Feel (Guitar Tape Slap-back Rehearsal’s)

Source; elvis-collectors.com