14. sep, 2015

New import CD: Studio Highlights Volume 2

Dynagrave Records has announced a new CD; Elvis Unedited: Studio Highlights 1970 - 1976 - Volume 2. This contains outtakes, unedited and undubbed masters recorded between 1970 and 1976.

Dynagrave Records har annonsert en ny CD; Elvis Unedited: Studio Highlights 1970 - 1976 - Volume 2. Denne inneholder outtakes, uredigerte og u-dubbede mastere innspilt mellom 1970 og 1976.

Track list Volume 2: I Was Born About Ten Thousand Years Ago (Master) - Little Cabin On The Hill (Unedited Master) - It's Your Baby, You Rock It (Backup Vocals Overdub) - It Ain't No Big Thing (But It's Growing) (Master - Different Mix) - Just Pretend (Overdubbed Master With Count-In) - Heart Of Rome (Take 3 + Work Part Take 1 - Overdubbed) - Faded Love (Brass & Strings Overdubbed Master With Count-In) - I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water (Complete Master - Overdubbed) - Snowbird (Take 2 - Faded Different Mix) - The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Overdubbed Master - Different Mix) - Amazing Grace (Take 2 - No Backing Vocals) - That's What You Get (For Lovin' Me) (Unedited Master) - Miracle Of The Rosary (Unedited Undubbed Master) - Help Me Make It Through The Night (Unedited Master) - Fool (Take 1 - Unedited) - Thinking About You (Unedited Overdub Master) - My Boy (Unedited Overdub Master) - Your Love's Been A Long Time Coming (Unedited Overdub Master) - She Thinks I Still Care (Unedited Undubbed Master) - The Last Farewell (Unedited Undubbed Master)

Source: FECC