2. jul, 2015

New CD; Fun in Acapulco

The MoCd label has announced a new CD; Fun In Acapulco. This contains the original album tracks from 1963. This is due for release on July 6.

MoCd har annonsert en ny CD; Fun In Acapulco. Denne inneholder kun det originale albumet fra 1963. Slippes 6. juli.

Tracks; Fun In Acapulco - Vino Dinero Y Amor - Mexico - El Toro - Marguerita - The Bullfighter Was A Lady - (Theres) No Room To Rhumba In A Sports Car - I Think Im Gonna Like It Here - Bossa Nova Baby - You Can't Say No In Acapulco – Guadalajara - Bonus Songs: Love Me Tonight - Slowly But Surely

Source; Elvis Aktuell