28. mar, 2015

Update; The Elvis Files Volume 7 is due in August

The Elvis Files Vol. 7 1974 - 77: The seventh and final volume of the Elvis Files story chronicles Elvis' years on tour through the USA, the final Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe seasons through to Elvis' last powerful New Year's Eve concert and finally to the last sad few months of 1977.

The Elvis Files Vol. 7 1974 – 77 skal etter planen slippes i august. Denne siste boken i serien fokuserer på turneene, de siste Las Vegas og Lake Tahoe sesongene, den kraftfulle nyttårskonserten i 1976, og de siste månedene Elvis var i live.

Features all ELVIS EVENTS in this Time Frame 1974-1977;  Every Working Moment / The Last Seventies Tours / The Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe Seasons / Plenty of CANDID Moments / The Last Recording Sessions / Plus plenty of previously Unpublished Photos. The Cover is not finalised.

Source; EIN