9. jan, 2015

New CD; Elvis: The New Recordings

It has been announced a new CD; Elvis - The New Recordings. This contains 26 public domain songs with new overdubs produced by Larry Jordan (VoiceMasters). Due for release on February 26.

Det er annonsert en ny CD; Elvis - The New Recordings. Denne inneholder 26 velkjente sanger med nytt akkompagnement produsert av Larry Jordan (VoiceMasters). Denne slippes 26. februar.

From the publishers: This is unlike any other CD available! ELVIS: THE NEW RECORDINGS (an import) consists of 26 NEW (2015) overdubs of some of Mr. Presley's best tracks — both well-known and obscure. Produced by Larry Jordan of VoiceMasters fame (who has done overdubs on stars ranging from Patsy Cline to Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney and Jim Reeves — the latter of whom had a #1 this past summer in Europe from one of Jordan's overdubs) —the new Elvis offering features stunning sound quality and top musicianship. "The King" may not have invented rock 'n' roll but he was its leading proponent. But he could also sing a quiet, tender love song and do so with great warmth and sensitivity. Unfortunately, on a lot of his masters, his voice is at least partially obscured by overwhelmingly loud (and sometimes off-key) background vocals and/or superfluous instrumentation, that were typical of the era in which he made his records. So VoiceMasters used the tools of the digital age to strip down some of Elvis's tracks to the bare essentials. His voice was remastered to bring out his purity of tone, overly loud vocal backings were subdued or eliminated entirely, and some of the original accompaniment that distracted from his singing was dispensed with. His voice was brought forward so you can hear him more clearly. Then, the producer recruited some world-class musicians — including alumni of the Atlanta jazz scene, current members of the Grand Ole Opry band in Nashville, and others — to help update Elvis's songs with tasteful new backings to showcase him to best advantage. These selections now sound amazingly fresh, beautiful and vibrant — as if Elvis just recorded them today! This unique new CD also includes rare photos of Elvis plus a fascinating, 8 page booklet of little-known facts about this unforgettable artist, plus detailed liner notes on each song. It's a keepsake you will treasure for years to come!

Track list; So Glad You´re Mine - She´s Not You - Good Luck Charm - Fame And Fortune - Reconsider Baby - Stuck On You - I Gotta Know - The Girl Of My Best Friend - Just Tell Her Im Said Hello - Fever - Island Of Love - Wild In The Country - Can´t Help Falling In Love - Judy - I Will Be Home Again - Soldier Boy - Love Me Tender - Anything That´s Part Of You - Starting Today - Home Is Where The Heart Is - Gently - Something Blue - It´s A Sin - Just For Old Time´s Sake - Mansion Over The Hilltop - In My Way

Source; FECC – Elvis Day By Day