5. sep, 2014

New Star DVD; Hollywood Elvis Volume 5

The Star label has announced a new DVD; Hollywood Elvis Volume 5. Due for release in September.

Star har annonsert en ny DVD; Hollywood Elvis Volume 5. Denne slippes i september.

From the label: HOLLYWOOD ELVIS VOLUME 5. NEW SEPTEMBER 2014 RELEASE!!! Probably no further info is needed, since all fans have been waiting and asking for this one for quite a while now… Featuring 55 clips from the late sixties, including some rare footage on the set, and hard to find pictures. The bonus section includes some alternate edits and rare outtakes. Including the next five movies in chronical order: FRANKIE AND JOHNNY - PARADISE HAWAIIAN STYLE * - SPINOUT - EASY COME, EASY GO - DOUBLE TROUBLE. (*) For PHS some new clips have been done, since on the previous STAR release “Hawaiian Elvis “ the used  footage was not from the movie. DELUXE DIGIPACK - DUAL LAYER DVDR

Tracklisting: Frankie and Johnny, come along, petunia the gardeners daughter, Chesay, what every woman lives for, look out Broadway, beginners luck, down by the riverside, when the saints go marchin’ in, shout it out, hard luck, everybody come aboard, paradise Hawaiian style, queenie wahines papaya, scratch my back, drums of the islands, datin’, a dog’s life, house of sand, stop where you are, this is my heaven, sand castles, stop look and listen, Adam and evil, all that I am, never say yes, am I ready, spinout, beach shack, smorgasbord, I’ll be back, easy come easy go, the love machine, yoga is as yoga does, you gotta stop, sing you children, I’ll take love, double trouble, baby if you’ll give me all your love, could I fall in love, long legged girl, city by night, old McDonald, I love only one girl, there’s so much world to see, it won’t be long – Bonus: she’s a machine , Frankie and Johnny - movie vs., shout it out - take 1, the love machine - take 5, could I fall in love – harmony, down in the alley, tomorrow is a long time – Deleted scenes: this is my heaven, sand castles

Source; Star