27. aug, 2014

New Book; King of the Hilton

The well-known British super-fan Anne E. Nixon will soon release a new book; King of the Hilton - Memories of Elvis Presleys Las Vegas. To be published in October 2014.

Britten Anne E. Nixon vil snart komme med en ny bok; King of the Hilton - Memories of Elvis Presleys Las Vegas. Denne slippes i oktober 2014.

From the books website; King of the Hilton is a book about Elvis Presley in Las Vegas, seen through the eyes of someone who was there. After many requests from fans, respected Elvis writer and researcher Anne E Nixon, (author of Ten Years After and The Elvis Archives), is for the first time publishing her detailed show reports from the Vegas years. Anne attended 40 Elvis Presley shows from 1972-1976, and wrote copious notes on each performance. A few of her show reports were printed in books and magazines at the time, but only now has she opened the vaults and every show she attended is given in-depth coverage. With the help of Richard Harvey, she has written a text-rich 300 page A5 sized softback book that will delight all fans of Vegas-era Elvis.  King of the Hilton is an affectionate, and sometimes poignant diary that takes the reader right back to the Hilton Hotel in the seventies, when Elvis reigned supreme. Crammed with show anecdotes, complete set-lists, musician/celebrity/jumpsuit checklists, and verbatim Elvis dialogue - the authors had access to previously uncirculated private audio - and loaded with never before published facts about the Hilton scene during those heady days. All of this delivered at a fan-friendly price.

Inside this handsome book you’ll find; *Complete first hand reports of every show of the final Vegas season in December ‘76 - *The famous 1974 ‘Desert Storm’ closing show as seen from a front booth - *Over 100 illustrations including Hilton artefacts - *The '74 monologues - *Cancelled! The 1975 season - *In-depth appendix of songs, suits and show times - *Closing Night '73 'Monkey' show, exactly what happened on-stage - *Each edition of this limited print run publication will be signed and numbered.

Source; http://www.kingofthehilton.com/  - The King’s World – Elvis Aktuell – Elvis Day By Day