28. jun, 2014

New CD; Elvis In Hollywood

The One label will release yet another CD in their Bootleg Series; Elvis In Hollywood. This contains mono-masters and outtakes from the Girls! Girls! Girls! soundtrack. I addition there’s included a selection of radio trailers.

One slipper enda en ny CD i sin Bootleg Series; Elvis In Hollywood. Denne inneholder mono masters og alternative tagninger fra Girls! Girls! Girls! I tillegg inneholder denne utgivelsen blant annet et utvalg med radioreklamer.

Tracks: Complete Masters & Alternate Takes (Part 1): Where Do You Come From (Master Take With Count In) - Mexico (Dubbed Film Version) - The Bullfighter Was A Lady (Take 9) - I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here (Take 10) - El Toro (Take 2) / Original "Girls! Girls! Girls!" Mono Masters: I Don’t Want To - We’re Comin’ In Loaded - Thanks To The Rolling Sea - Where Do You Come From - Girls! Girls! Girls! - Return To Sender - Because Of Love - The Walls Have Ears - Song Of The Shrimp - A Boy Like Me, A Girl Like You - Earth Boy - I Don’t Wanna Be Tied - We’ll Be Together / Complete Masters & Alternate Takes (Part 2): If You Think I Don’t Need You (Take 9) - Earth Boy (Undubbed Film Version) - Plantation Rock (Take 17 + Vocal Repair) - If You Think I Don’t Need You (Take 10) - Blackstar (Composite Master take 13 &  Insert #1 Take 5) / Movie radio Trailers And Promo’s: Double Trouble - Live A Little, Love A Little - Charro! (Audio Featurette) - Charro! (#1) - Charro! (#2) - Charro! (#3) - Charro! (#4) - Charro! (#5) - The Trouble With Girls (#1) - The Trouble With Girls (#2) / Bonus Songs: Guadalajara (Backing Group And Choir) - Marguerita (Instrumental Take 6) - Shoppin’ Around (Instrumental Take 2 And 3) - Shoppin’ Around (Instrumental Take 4) - Plantation Rock (Instrumental)

Source; Elvis Aktuell - Elvis Day By Day