26. apr, 2014

Blu-ray Heaven!

That’s The Way It Is and Viva Las Vegas on Blu-ray on August 12!

That’s The Way It Is og Viva Las Vegas kommer på Blu-ray den 12. august!

THAT’S THE WAY IT IS; "Elvis: That’s The Way It Is - Two Disc Special Edition," which was re-edited and remixed for its acclaimed release in 2000, will now debut on Blu-ray™ as a Premium Digibook, newly remastered, and with DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 soundtrack. In celebration of its 50th anniversary, "Viva Las Vegas" will also be offered as a Premium Blu-ray Digibook.

"Elvis: That’s the Way It Is" - Two Disc Special Edition Premium Digibook. With thousands of feet of materials including sequences added to capture with greater intimacy Elvis' performances and his creative process behind-the-scenes, the previously released Special Edition is now being made available as a Blu-ray™ two disc Special Edition Premium Digibook. Denis Sanders (Shock Treatment) directed this "rockumentary." Academy Award® nominated Lucien Ballard (The Wild Bunch) was the cinematographer.

Disc 1 (DVD) 2001 Special Edition and Special Features:

  • Patch It Up: The Restoration of Elvis: That's The Way It Is
  • 12 Outtakes - song/nonmusical sequences
  • 1970 Original Theatrical Version

Disc 2 (BD) 1970 Original Theatrical Version and Special Features:

  • 12 Outtakes - song/nonmusical sequences


VIVA LAS VEGAS; In his highest grossing movie, Elvis shares the screen with Ann-Margret, easily creating the most electrifying teaming Elvis had on screen. He plays Lucky Jackson, a Grand Prix race driver working at a casino to raise cash for a new engine; she’s a hotel swimming instructor - and the romantic action revs up from their first meeting. George Sidney, who also directed Ann-Margret in Bye Bye Birdie, combines the hormonal heat wave with fascinating sights of ’60s Las Vegas. The soundtrack is presented in Dolby Digital 5.1 stereo.

Special Features:

  • Commentary by Steve Pond, rock journalist and author of "Elvis in Hollywood"
  • Featurette Kingdom: Elvis in Vegas
  • Theatrical trailer


Source; The King's World - Elvis Day By Day