15. apr, 2014

Memphis Mafia Princess

New book announced, written by Shirley Dieu; Memphis Mafia Princess. Shirley Dieu lived with Joe Esposito for five years and travelled with him on all of Elvis' tours and vacations as well as Graceland. She was also a good friend to Elvis.

En ny bok skrevet av Shirley Dieu er annonsert; Memphis Mafia Princess. Dieu bodde sammen med Joe Esposito i fem år, og hun reiste sammen med han på turnéer og ferier. Hun kjente også Elvis godt.

From the publisher; Shirley notes.... My book 'Memphis Mafia Princess: Living In 'The Elvis World'' will be not like any other Elvis book out there. The thing that makes it so different, is that it is all about the "good times" and all of the wonderful things that all of us did together with Elvis. The funny little things that he did. Things that he laughed at and the things that we laughed at with him. The vacations, the crack-ups and the truth about a lot of things that so many others have never told. (Or that they have told completely opposite of what really was) Especially in the final years. There were some great times in the final years, unfortunately no one ever talks about those times. But I do in 'Memphis Mafia Princess'.


Source; Elvis Day By Day