10. des, 2013

New Elvis Books released

A new book by Peter Silverton was released on December 3rd; Essential Elvis. The French Editions Contre-Dires released the book (including a 16 track CD); Elvis Presley Intime: L'icône Perdue, by Jean-Pierre Danel, on December 9th.

En ny bok skrevet av Peter Silverton ble utgitt den 3. desember; Essential Elvis. French Editions Contre-Dires ga ut boken Elvis Presley Intime: L'icône Perdue, skrevet av Jean-Pierre Danel, den 9. desember. Den sistnevnte boken inneholder også en 16 spors Elvis CD.

From the Publishers of Essential Elvis; From That's All Right to Way Down via Heartbreak Hotel, Jailhouse Rock, Mystery Train, Little Sister and American Trilogy among many others, Essential Elvis cuts through the myth and mess of the life and career of the 20th-century's first and greatest rock 'n' roll star. Peter Silverton investigates and celebrates the stories and the people behind the greatest recordings of Elvis' career. Part biography, part personal history and full of hip-shaking thrills, Essential Elvis will have you reaching for the music, the original sound of rock 'n' roll.


Source; Elvis Club Berlin - Elvis Day By Day