6. sep, 2013

New book; The Little Book of Elvis Law

American Bar Association har annonsert en ny bok skrevet av Cecil C. Kuhne III; The Little Book of Elvis Law. Boken slippes 7. april, 2014.

American Bar Association has announced a new book by author Cecil C. Kuhne III; The Little Book of Elvis Law. Due for release April 7th, 2014.

From the Publisher; "Elvis Aaron Presley was a true icon of 20th century American culture. His 23 years as a recording artist, concert entertainer, and motion picture idol brought him incredible adoration throughout the world. He received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award at age 36, and over a hundred of his songs made the Top 40, including a dozen number-one hits. He sold some 600 million records during his lifetime, and thirty-six years after his death, Graceland Mansion still attracts over half a million visitors annuallythe third most-visited home in the United States after the White House and the Biltmore Estate. From the beginning, Elvis and his business advisors were well aware of his fame and immediately sought to capitalize on it. He entered into license agreements to use his name and likeness in connection with the marketing and sale of countless consumer goods. His death did little to decrease his popularity, and these commercial activities still provide his estate with astounding amounts of cash. It is against this financial backdrop that a sizeable body of litigation has arisen, leading to the fascinating cases captured in The Little Book of Elvis Law. Among many paternity suits and recording contracts, these cases also involve: Priscilla Presley, a bar called The Velvet Elvis, a death certificate investigation, a 16-hour-long documentary, a magazine photo spread, and an agreement with television host Geraldo Rivera. Enjoy this fun and intriguing look into the trials and tribulations of The King."


Source; Amazon - Elvis Club Berlin