24. aug, 2013

Rare Photo of Elvis in Tupelo (1945?)

Sjeldent fotografi av Elvis i Tupelo, ca. 1945, ligger til salgs på eBay. Link til eBay.

Rare photo of Elvis in Tupelo (1945?) for sale at ebay. Link to eBay.

From the seller; RARE UNPUBLISHED PHOTO of ELVIS PRESLEY in TUPELO, MS 1945 (?) on bicycle. This is a print, not the original snapshot. The story I was told is that Elvis was leaving the drug store in Tupelo circa 1945. As he was leaving a lady that knew Elvis and his family was getting ready to go into the drug store and get a roll of film developed. She saw Elvis and told Elvis to pose for a photo because she had one photo left on the roll and didn't want it to go to waste. She took Elvis' photo and then walked inside, and dropped off the film to be developed.