Memphis Mansion Randers

  • We would like to introduce Memphis Mansion Randers… the ultimate Elvis experience outside the US! Since the opening in April 2011, thousands of visitors from all over the world has visited Randers in Denmark to experience the “Elvis-mania” of Henrik Knudsen, the founder and owner of Memphis Mansion. This place has a lot to offer for the devoted Elvis-fan and even the non-fan will surly enjoy a visit.

    The name was changed from Graceland Randers to Memphis Mansion in December 2015.

  • Vi ønsker å presentere Memphis Mansion Randers ... den ultimate Elvis-opplevelsen utenfor USA! Siden åpningen i april 2011 har tusenvis av besøkende fra hele verden besøkt Randers i Danmark for å oppleve Elvis-lidenskapen til Henrik Knudsen, grunnleggeren og eieren av Memphis Mansion. Stedet har mye å tilby for den hengivne Elvis-fan og selv de som ikke er Elvis-fans vil nyte et besøk.

    Navnet ble endret fra Graceland Randers til Memphis Mansion i desember 2015.

Memphis in Randers, Denmark

Memphis Mansion, located in the small city of Randers in Denmark, is an event house inspired by Elvis Presley's home "Graceland" in Memphis. It was officially opened in April 2011. The house is the ultimate tribute to the "King of Rock'n'Roll". This is the home of opportunities!

The house essentially helps to protect and safeguard the legacy of Elvis' life, his music and his memory. Memphis Mansion is Elvis Nostalgia materialized!

Memphis Mansion holds an Elvis Museum, an Elvis Souvenir Shop, an American Diner, a Ballroom, a Mini Movie Theatre, a Concert venue, and a Wedding Facility. It is an Event House where everything happens and anything can be arranged!

Tupelo in Randers

In the house that Vernon Presley had built with the help of his father and brother in Tupelo, Mississippi, Gladys Presley gave birth to Elvis on January 8th 1935.

In 2013 Memphis Mansion built an exact replica of Elvis' childhood home in Tupelo, Mississippi on the premises. This little white shed contains a small cozy cafe. It’s for sure a nice addition to the surroundings of Memphis Mansion, and the small hammock on the porch is very popular among the visitors.

The Surroundings

The surroundings of Memphis Mansion immediately sets the mood. When you enter the gates, which are exact copies of the famous gates of Graceland in Memphis, Elvis music is flowing from speakers placed along the footpath to the main house.

On the right side of the green lawns at the back of the house, there are flower beds with vegetation planted in the shape of Elvis' signature. Another flower bed shows the initials EP.

Further along the promenade there is a beautiful bronze statue of Elvis. The stones under the statue are shaped like a vinyl record with a SUN-label in the middle. It’s all in the details, and there’s no doubt that the staff has that well covered.

Around the lion statues on the main stairs there are lovely flowers beds, and the majestic pillars at the main entrance are true copies of the originals in Memphis.

The Elvis Museum

As the only city outside of the US, Randers in Denmark has its own enduring Elvis Museum. The museum is a part of Memphis Mansion. All the items on display are from Henrik Knudsen's personal collection. The museum is interesting for the hardcore Elvis fan as well as people with a curiosity to know more about the bestselling artist in the music business.

Among the items on display in the Elvis Museum are: All the Sun records - The pants that Elvis wore during the "I Want You, I Need You, I Love You" recording session - A jacket that Elvis wore in 1959 - Elvis' Humes High School Graduating class photo - One of Elvis' guitars from 1975 - The original "Million Dollar Quartet" master tape - A pair of shoes that Elvis wore in the 50s - Original documents, contracts and letters - One of Elvis' bibles - A concert belt - All the FBI files on Elvis Presley - Original Screen Worn "Roustabout" shirt - Original concert tickets - Original backstage passes - The stageworn "Emperor Suit" from 1974 - Elvis’ guitar and bass from the recordings of "Suspicious Minds", "Don't Cry Daddy" and "In The Ghetto". You will find more details here.

The Highway 51 Diner

The Highway 51 Diner offers the inside of a unique and very authentic American diner. The menu includes a wide variety of Elvis' personal favorite meals of the genuine Southern cuisine. To put it simple… here you will get the chance to dig into tasty meals, made just the way the "King" would have wanted them to be served.

The Highway 51 Diner also has a wide variety of Elvis memorabilia on display in the restaurant room. You can take a closer look at the Menu here.

The Elvis Shop

The Elvis Shop on the ground floor of Memphis Mansion always has more than 6000 different items in stock, all Elvis-related. The profuse assortment consists of CD’s, DVD’s, books, postcards, magazines, autographs, key-chains, bags, mugs, watches, jewelry and other merchandise. Sometimes, they even have items for sale that previously belonged to Elvis.

The Elvis Shop always have a great range of products related to Elvis, to make sure that there is always something for everybody; both for the devoted collector or the casual customer. The shop usually keep in stock the very album, movie or whatever else you are looking for… if that is not the case, they will try to get it for you as soon as possible.

Always Elvis Radio

Radio was an essential factor in catapulting the career of Elvis. On the 8th of July 1954 Dewey Phillips, a local Memphis DJ, played Elvis' debut single "That’s All Right" for the first time on radio ever. The response from radio listeners was overwhelming, and Phillips played the record again and again throughout the evening. This was to be the start of one of the all-time careers in modern popular music. Now, 60 years later, you can enjoy listening to Elvis 24 hours, 7 days a week on the Always Elvis Radio.

The Always Elvis Radio was launched on January 8th 2013. The radio can be listened to via on-line streaming on your computer, and through a software application on your smartphone. Click here to listen.

The Elvis News Magazine

The Official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Denmark was founded in 1990. The club, which also is known as Elvis Unlimited, has over the years grown to become one of the leading Elvis fan-clubs worldwide, without losing a well-founded connection with the individual Elvis fan. At the present moment the club boasts more than 1500 members.

The club has since its start released the Danish magazine Elvis News. This magazine contains insightful articles, pictures and news. The layout is excellent, and the magazine is all about quality. Recommended! In 1998 the Danish Elvis fan club even launched a magazine in English; Elvis Unlimited. You can order the magazines here.

Memphis Mansion Website is the website of the Official Danish Elvis Presley Fan Club. It contains news related to Elvis, a wealth of facts about the “King of Rock’n’Roll” and of course matters related to Memphis Mansion. You can choose both Danish and English text. also contains a web-shop (see the chapter below for more information). You can visit the website here.

The Webshop

The Memphis Mansion Web-shop contains a wealth of Elvis related items, both for the connoisseurs and the mainstream oriented customer. The abundant assortment offers DVDs, Books, CDs, Collectables, Souvenirs and Magazines… all containing Elvis Presley!

The Memphis Mansion Web-shop offers international shipping and safe buying options. Prices are offered in USD, Euros or Danish Kroner. You can visit the shop here.

Memphis Mansion on Facebook

Keep up to date on what’s happening on Memphis Mansion and in the Official Danish Elvis Fan Club. At the present moment more than 14,000 people follow Memphis Mansion on Facebook… You can visit and join the others here.

ELVIS and his MUSIC support Memphis Mansion on Facebook!

The Events

On a regular basis Memphis Mansion organize concerts and other events in their Ballroom/ Concert Venue on the first floor. Among the annual highlights we will mention; Elvis Birthday Party (January), Candlelight Evening (August) and Christmas Parties (December). Make sure you visit the event calendar on a regular basis to keep up to date… Click here.

Road trip to Graceland Randers

I visited Memphis Mansion (at the time called Graceland Randers) in Denmark in July 2013… This is the story... Click here.

"After yet another stop by the store and a few dollars less in my pocket, it was time to leave the place ... an experience richer. I felt much richer! I rest my case when it comes to Graceland Randers, Henrik Knudsen, and all the great staff. Graceland Randers is a “MUST VISIT” for all Elvis fans !" Havard (Admin for ELVIS and his MUSIC)

The picture shows Havard, the admin of ELVIS and his MUSIC on the left, and Henrik Knudsen, the owner and founder of Memphis Mansion, on the right (July 2014).

"We look forward to a long term collaboration to keep the legacy of Elvis alive and kicking!"